Friday, July 17, 2009

Just designin' away!

We've been busy girls over here, just designing away.

Wanna see?

Well of course you do!

First of all, remember that contest we had a few weeks back? Well here is our winner:

Next we have a previous client who wanted a fresh look, and also recently added a new addition to their family. We've recently added a new addition to our blog line - Rotating Headers - so this option was a perfect addition to her blog package.

Click on the picture to see the live site.

(With rotating headers, each time someone visits your blog or refreshes the page, a new header is shown.)

And finally, a Twitter background for a recent blog client.

What? You didn't know we could dress up your boring Twitter background? Of course we can!!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Party like it's 1985!

Oh yes, we partied like it was 1985 - LITERALLY! And in case you don't recognize your fabulous Blogalicious girl, that's Staci, with her husband. LOL

Yesterday was Staci's 30th birthday and her BFF Lindsay and I threw her a 1980's roller skating bash.

Yeah, I said it. Roller skating. And we rocked it.

And no one broke anything. Well, my husband almost broke his tail bone, but he provided the best laugh of the night, so it was totally worth it.

Here are most of the guys - Lindsay's husband, Al; Staci's husband, Jason; my husband, Joey; and another friend of ours, Marcus.

And all the girls at the skating rink: Me, Lindsay, Amber (Marcus' wife), Staci, Stacie, and Sarah.

You can't see the cake very well in this picture, but it was a Rainbow Bright cake. And you can't see the cake very well because I wasn't taking a picture of the cake. I was taking a pic of Staci, in all her dancing glory.

God I love this girl!

Lindsay, Stac, and me. We had so much fun!! Thanks for joining me in the big 3-0! Now I'm not so lonely! Of course I do have about a year and half on you, but still... Now we just have to drag Lindsay along. LOL

And we can't forget the total COUGAR that had to have her pic with the birthday girl. This was fun-ny!!

Happy birthday Stac!! Hope you had a good one!