Friday, April 17, 2009

Drumroll please... we have WINNER!

After staying up all night going through the piles of comments and entries we received - ok, there weren't piles, but what we did receive was worth it, and we love our peeps! - we have chosen a winner!

So without further ado, here she is... The Luckiest Mrs. has won a Blogalicious Makeover for her mom! (Oh yeah, and a little something for herself, too!) Yea! Who doesn't love that??

Her contest entry reminded me of my relationship with my own mom - and her mom sounds very deserving, so The Luckiest Mrs., we'll be contacting you shortly to get this makeover rolling!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and hey, if you didn't win, you can always by one for yourself! There's nothing wrong with a little bloggy pampering!

Happy Friday and happy blogging!


theluckiestmrs said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I told my mom and she is SOOO excited! (I am too! ;) She has been brainstorming ideas for her blog title, and she said she feels so lucky to have won! :) I'll email you soon, I just wanted to post how happy we are!!

(She isn't very I'll be helping her try to get things set up! haha!)

Thank you again!!!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hi! My beautiful daughter is "theluckiestmrs" :o)
Yes, I am very excited... I have been brainstorming... and I am NOT tech-savvy!

Goodness, it took me most of the whole day to get the basics for a blog started...and that is questionable!

(I am supposed to be focusing on the last 2 wks of classes-I am in the dental hygiene program. Soon it will be graduation! Freedom :o) (Actually, I love what I have learned and love the patients, it is the whole school thing that I am ready to complete.)

So, thank you very much! I definitely look forward to a wonderful blog site creation/up-date. At the moment, my blog is at the "bare-bones" category.

Just let me know what I need to do!

She's Crafty! said...

Wow! I wish I would have known about this giveaway! Your designs are awesome!! I will be visiting your blog often!:)