Friday, June 26, 2009

And the winner is....

After tossing everyone's name into a hat to choose the winner - I know, we're very technical around these parts! - we do in fact have ourselves a winner!

And that would be... Grand Pooba!

So Mrs. Pooba, if you'll send an email with your choice of designs, we'll get started!

Thanks to everyone who entered, blogged, and passed it along! And stay tuned for more fun and more blogging!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smarter than a 5th grader?


That's the question.

Do you have to be smarter than a 5th grader to be governor? How about governor of South Carolina?

Obviously not.

Now, I'll admit, I didn't even know what the heck was going on with the governor of South Carolina until I turned on the news 2 nights ago. And by news, I mean The Comedy Channel. And by The Comedy Channel, I mean The Daily Show With Jon Stewert. After all, is there a more accurate place to get your news than The Comedy Channel?

I think not.

Anyway, that's when I found out that the state of South Carolina was unmanned! How were they surviving? Where was their governor? Lost on the Appalachian trail? Off in some unknown wilderness "clearing his head"?

No worries. Last night while watching Steven Colbert - my other nightly news reporter - answers were revealed. He had flown the coup to South America to have a tored love affair.

WOW! We were all certain he was still on that Appalachian hike!

I mean, really. If I'm going to have an affair (which let's just get it straight right now, I'M NOT!), I could certainly come up with a better lie than "I'm going hiking on the Appalachian trail" and then not come back for 5 days!

Really? Is that the best he could come us with?


Is this really news?? REALLY??

Do i really care how some dude in S. Carolina handles his marriage, no, no i do not. However, when steph told me this is what we were gonna chat about today I admit I had to read up on it because I had no idea the mountain man and the cheater were one in the same....i was quite entertained reading about it. But in all honesty it wasn't so much the "story" that intrigued was what the moran who wrote it had to say.......

Let me explain.....

The title "SC governor's career launched by wife he betrayed" the first few paragraphs made total sense....and i was seriously bored....then the writer starts talking about "During Mark Sanford's first gubernatorial campaign " and "They are more thrifty than glamorous" because apparently she "shops at Wal-Mart and he's been known to wear a frayed blue blazer"

Seriously? First of all what in the heck does gubernatorial mean?? When i look at that word all i see is GUBER and one look at him and you know that's the truth.

And what are we watching a miss America pageant for couples "The Sanford's are more thrifty than glamorous....SHE shops at wal-mart while hes been known to wear a frayed blue blazer or two (as they circle the stage together) WHO GIVES A RATS what they are known to wear....we want the DIRT!!!

AND as if THAT wasn't enough....which clearly it is.....he goes on to say: "Jenny Sanford is a millionaire whose family fortune comes from the Skil Corp. power tool company. Through her husband's three U.S. House campaigns and first race for governor, she helped him pull a wagon he and the boys built on parade routes across the state."

Really?? SHE pulled a wagon across the state because her family are millionaires?? I don't get it??? She must be strong!

But i digress....because as i said before I DON'T CARE!!! People will make stupid decisions in their lives and in their marriage, who are we to judge??? Lets move me the article i just read was MUCH more entertaining than the story.

Many thanks to that associated press writer who had nothing more to write about when it came to this situation he started pullin things outta his made me laugh!!

Till next time!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deep thoughts with The Blogalicious Girlz

HELLLLLOOOO bloooogosphere!!!

So Steph and I decided we don't blog NEAR enough on this here blog and since we have ALL KINDS of time on our hands we thought we should give our lil Blogalicious blog some love. AREN'T YOU EXCITED??? So from now on expect it more often.....lots of nonsense, and silliness!!

First topic of discussion JON AND KATE PLUS 8!!! Because we don't think it has been talked about enough.......


First of all, lets forget that Jon cheated on his wife with a teacher, and that Kate beats her children in public.....i wanna talk about THE HAIR!!

Seriously people, what was she thinking?

What was TLC thinking when they gave her the makeover......i mean you host the show "WHAT NOT TO WEAR" on your network....couldn't you have just called up Stacy and Clinton for a lil consult before you told her this was all good?!? This is the perfect picture, is it not?? I mean you can see it in all its glory.....Paris Hilton in the front Ryan Cabrera in the back......It's ludicrous I tell ya!

In closing I'd like to say, let's not spend so much time worrying about how their marriage pans out, lets someone please love her enough to guide her to a new stylist. That's what Jesus would do.



How in the world am I supposed to type a blog when I'm trying to keep from peeing my pants after reading that?? I mean, forget the fact that I almost spit my precious white chocolate mocha (non-fat, with whip - yeah, I'm living on the edge) all over my computer screen when I saw Kate's hair.

I know, she's had that hair for a while now, but let me just confess, I've never seen an episode. But she looks like a porcupine! Why would they do that to this poor woman? One blog that I was reading yesterday referred to it as a reverse mullet. I didn't get it at the time. Now I do.

Unlike Staci, I will speak to the fact that evidently Kate beats her kids.

Um, no. She doesn't. She spanked her child. That is not beating, and if you think it is, I beg you to speak to a child who has actually been beaten by their parent. 'nuf said.

And their marriage? Well, at least now they won't be on TV since TLC has pulled it. At least someone has grown a brain.

Poor Staci. She should've known I couldn't let this controversial stuff go. What am I saying? She's known me way too long... she knew exactly where I would go.

So ladies, do tell. What do you think Jesus would do with Kate's hair?

Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway - only 3 days left - and tell your friends, for the love!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

More designs... Check 'em out!

We were so excited to release "Harmonic Life & Style" and "7 Clown Circus" last week.

Sally Miller is a Life and Style Coach and came to us looking for a web design to match her very specific business taste. We worked with her closely until we were able to accomplish exactly what she was looking for. We added a flash slide show to the home page to ease people into her site.

Click on the picture below to view the live site.

When everything was complete, Sally was extremely pleased with how her site turned out.

Angie came to us in the middle of a redesign on her home and decided her blog could use a makeover as well. She was ready to rid her blog of its former "scrapbooky" look in favor of a more modern, clean style.

She loves the new design! Check it out by clicking on the picture below.

Thinking of making over your own blog? Why wait? Check us out for all your blog, graphic, Twitter, and web design needs. We're quick and cost efficient and would love to make your place on the internet Blogalicious!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did you know....and a giveaway

Did you know that Blogalicious Designs now offers Twitter backgrounds?? And the best part is if you purchase a blog design (or if you have already purchased a blog design) you will get your Twitter background at a reduced price! Go HERE to view an example of what we can do for you!!

I bet you didn't know that we offer personalized invitations or holiday cards either... well we do! Soon we will have invite/holiday card templates for sale on our graphic design page, so stay tuned. Here are a few examples of our cards:

Holiday Card:

Birthday Invitations:

Shower Invitations:

Baby Announcements:

These cards ARE for sale as templates. Interested? Just send us an email! Or would you rather have a custom design for your own card? No problem, just let us know. We'd be happy to design a personalized card for you!

Now on to the GIVEAWAY!

Would you like to win one of these two templates?

Here are the rules:
  1. Become a follower of this blog for one entry and leave a comment letting us know. If you're already a follower, just leave us a comment for your first entry.
  2. Post about it on your blog for a 2nd entry a leave a comment with the url to the post.
  3. Send a friend for a 3rd entry. (make sure they comment that you sent them)
We will announce the winner on Friday the 26th of June.

The winner will get to their choice of the template you see here customized to their liking. So get going and spread the news!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Design....

Here is our latest Design "Choosing Today"

Denise was a pleasure to work with and she knew exactly what she wanted and we were able to accomplish the look within a few days!! I love the outcome and so does she!!

Next i wanted to make you all aware that we are about to launch a new portion of our graphic design line, GRAPHIC ELEMENTS!! You can purchase any of our graphic design elements for personal or commercial use, so look for an upcoming post about when those will be made available!! Here are just a few examples!!

We hope you all had a blessed weekend and a wonderful week ahead!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blogalicious Latest!

Good Morning Blogalicious Fans!!

Just wanted to post two of our latest designs. First is Lulaville...

Leigh Anne was a blast to work with, she is alotta rock in roll with a lil bit of sweet all rolled into one! Her design has ended up being one of my favs!! Thanks for choosing us LULA!!

And next is Maria. She was the winner of our latest contest and we couldn't have picked a more talented woman!!

She is an AMAZING artist and we had a wonderful time putting together this work of art for her! If you have time you simply MUST go check out her amazing sketches!

That's all for now peeps! Check back for more here in the next few days!!