Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deep thoughts with The Blogalicious Girlz

HELLLLLOOOO bloooogosphere!!!

So Steph and I decided we don't blog NEAR enough on this here blog and since we have ALL KINDS of time on our hands we thought we should give our lil Blogalicious blog some love. AREN'T YOU EXCITED??? So from now on expect it more often.....lots of nonsense, and silliness!!

First topic of discussion JON AND KATE PLUS 8!!! Because we don't think it has been talked about enough.......


First of all, lets forget that Jon cheated on his wife with a teacher, and that Kate beats her children in public.....i wanna talk about THE HAIR!!

Seriously people, what was she thinking?

What was TLC thinking when they gave her the makeover......i mean you host the show "WHAT NOT TO WEAR" on your network....couldn't you have just called up Stacy and Clinton for a lil consult before you told her this was all good?!? This is the perfect picture, is it not?? I mean you can see it in all its glory.....Paris Hilton in the front Ryan Cabrera in the back......It's ludicrous I tell ya!

In closing I'd like to say, let's not spend so much time worrying about how their marriage pans out, lets someone please love her enough to guide her to a new stylist. That's what Jesus would do.



How in the world am I supposed to type a blog when I'm trying to keep from peeing my pants after reading that?? I mean, forget the fact that I almost spit my precious white chocolate mocha (non-fat, with whip - yeah, I'm living on the edge) all over my computer screen when I saw Kate's hair.

I know, she's had that hair for a while now, but let me just confess, I've never seen an episode. But she looks like a porcupine! Why would they do that to this poor woman? One blog that I was reading yesterday referred to it as a reverse mullet. I didn't get it at the time. Now I do.

Unlike Staci, I will speak to the fact that evidently Kate beats her kids.

Um, no. She doesn't. She spanked her child. That is not beating, and if you think it is, I beg you to speak to a child who has actually been beaten by their parent. 'nuf said.

And their marriage? Well, at least now they won't be on TV since TLC has pulled it. At least someone has grown a brain.

Poor Staci. She should've known I couldn't let this controversial stuff go. What am I saying? She's known me way too long... she knew exactly where I would go.

So ladies, do tell. What do you think Jesus would do with Kate's hair?

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Jon Pyle said...

This post just proves that you Girlz need a podcast.

Isabelle said...

That post just made my day!!!! I think everytime we see bad pics of celebrities we should send them to you for your comments. You girlz are hilarious!!!

Sharon M said...

Y'all are hilarious. Thanks for giving me a great laugh with my morning cup o Joe (No fancy stuff mocha-whipping here b/c there is no STARBUCKS. Yeah, I know, how do I live? One day at a time, sisters, one day at a time).