Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smarter than a 5th grader?


That's the question.

Do you have to be smarter than a 5th grader to be governor? How about governor of South Carolina?

Obviously not.

Now, I'll admit, I didn't even know what the heck was going on with the governor of South Carolina until I turned on the news 2 nights ago. And by news, I mean The Comedy Channel. And by The Comedy Channel, I mean The Daily Show With Jon Stewert. After all, is there a more accurate place to get your news than The Comedy Channel?

I think not.

Anyway, that's when I found out that the state of South Carolina was unmanned! How were they surviving? Where was their governor? Lost on the Appalachian trail? Off in some unknown wilderness "clearing his head"?

No worries. Last night while watching Steven Colbert - my other nightly news reporter - answers were revealed. He had flown the coup to South America to have a tored love affair.

WOW! We were all certain he was still on that Appalachian hike!

I mean, really. If I'm going to have an affair (which let's just get it straight right now, I'M NOT!), I could certainly come up with a better lie than "I'm going hiking on the Appalachian trail" and then not come back for 5 days!

Really? Is that the best he could come us with?


Is this really news?? REALLY??

Do i really care how some dude in S. Carolina handles his marriage, no, no i do not. However, when steph told me this is what we were gonna chat about today I admit I had to read up on it because I had no idea the mountain man and the cheater were one in the same....i was quite entertained reading about it. But in all honesty it wasn't so much the "story" that intrigued was what the moran who wrote it had to say.......

Let me explain.....

The title "SC governor's career launched by wife he betrayed" the first few paragraphs made total sense....and i was seriously bored....then the writer starts talking about "During Mark Sanford's first gubernatorial campaign " and "They are more thrifty than glamorous" because apparently she "shops at Wal-Mart and he's been known to wear a frayed blue blazer"

Seriously? First of all what in the heck does gubernatorial mean?? When i look at that word all i see is GUBER and one look at him and you know that's the truth.

And what are we watching a miss America pageant for couples "The Sanford's are more thrifty than glamorous....SHE shops at wal-mart while hes been known to wear a frayed blue blazer or two (as they circle the stage together) WHO GIVES A RATS what they are known to wear....we want the DIRT!!!

AND as if THAT wasn't enough....which clearly it is.....he goes on to say: "Jenny Sanford is a millionaire whose family fortune comes from the Skil Corp. power tool company. Through her husband's three U.S. House campaigns and first race for governor, she helped him pull a wagon he and the boys built on parade routes across the state."

Really?? SHE pulled a wagon across the state because her family are millionaires?? I don't get it??? She must be strong!

But i digress....because as i said before I DON'T CARE!!! People will make stupid decisions in their lives and in their marriage, who are we to judge??? Lets move me the article i just read was MUCH more entertaining than the story.

Many thanks to that associated press writer who had nothing more to write about when it came to this situation he started pullin things outta his made me laugh!!

Till next time!!


Vinretro Clothing said...

It is always sad when a public leader, like a pastor or a politician, throws everything they have worked for away with such a stupid decision. This guy had the potential to be a really good leader - too bad he can't control himself...

Blogalicious Designs said...

I hear ya.....but for me, as i grow in years and in wisdom, i have come to find that it is inevidable (spelling?) that we will fail at something....especially when put on such a high pedastul (spelling) He is human, and his stature does not make him God, or perfect. He will make mistakes, and prob has made a million more he just kept them hidden better....

It sucks that this happened...but the best role models to me (and im not saying he is the best) are the ones who are willing to admit they struggle.....